“Six years we’ve been stuck here on this thrice-damned rock. Twelve of us whittled down to just two, consumed by the island’s voracious appetite, and soon we shall join our mates. Even now we can hear them outside the barricade, chanting their foul magics. We’ll take our own lives before we let them use us as they’ve used so many others.

May the gods grant you the mercy they denied us."
– Unsigned note discovered in a cave beneath a gnome skeleton

The island nearly two square miles of rough, volcanic terrain overgrown by dense jungle. Volcanic upthrusts and coral reefs surround the island, making sailing any ship larger than a longboat near the island a dangerous proposition. While steep, sharp cliffs surround most of the island, the western side of the island does provide access to a narrow black sand beach. This beach consists mainly of ironsand, hematite ground to fine grains.

Inland a lake, roughly 200 yards across, has formed in another old crater on the northern side of the island, fed by the nearly daily rains and drained by a river flowing through a crack in the old crater wall. Dark, marshy soil surrounds the lake, fostering the growth of tall grasses and reeds about its shores.

An active volcano, the occasional wisps of smoke escaping the rim, dominates the eastern side of the island. Even there jungle growth clings to the cliff faces, crawling up the volcanic slopes.

A magical aura permeates the island.

Temperatures on the island are generally mild, rarely ranging below 75F or above 85F. The high humidity plays a great part in this, but because of the humidity it can be difficult to keep cool. Any exertions taken during the middle of the day, from about noon to 3pm, must be accompanied by a Fortitude save each hour to avoid fatigue. Sunrise and sunset are at 7am and 7pm.

The jungle growth on the island cones in two varieties, double and triple canopy. Double canopy is a little easier to move through since there is less undergrowth. This is the more common terrain on the island. Near some areas, however, the more dense triple canopy jungle exists, making travel much more difficult. Game and constructed trails can be easier to traverse, though the former wanders more erratically, and the latter is rare.


Skulls and Shackles - PFO

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