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First Day of My Last Days

Standing on top of the cliff looking down we see a sacrifice about to be made. They are chanting in Abyssal about needing a new champion for their last one failed. I figure that I could make one hell of a champion and Baphomet is just a two bit demon lord of minotaurs of all things. I am happy that I have an Illusion spell memorized that would make a convincing image and select the only worthy person on the island that can save these people and their odd ways. I have Nebril make me glow as I make the image of Baphomet appear. A fucking minotaur comes out of the girls chest. The commitment had been made, follow up must ensue. I am faced with the chieftain. His confusion is evident. I tell him that I am sent as the voice of Baphomet while the demon from the girls chest is to be his strength. The ruse seems to be working.

We go to their pitiful excuse for a village. Why they keep such a close eye on me when they bought my story is beyond me, the simpletons. I am asked why I was there, I tell them a partial truth about being visited in a dream by Baphomet and being told to make his people great. The demon is asked if what I say is true. He tells the chieftain that he isn’t privy to all of Baphomets secrets. I laugh inside, of course he isn’t, he is made to serve these people here instead of climbing the ranks in the Abyss. My victory will come swiftly and I shall be ruling soon enough if all goes well, keeping the chieftain as a puppet of course.All I must hope for is that my own peons stay out of the way until I establish myself. I go to bed.

I wake at dawn to prepare some spells. They had told me last night that there would be trials to prove that I was indeed sent by their “lord”. I am pissed. Somehow through the night the minions had gotten captured; AND KILLED SOME OF THE TRIBE WHILE THEY WERE AT IT! They demand a soul for a soul. Nebril, the fool, tries to speak to them in Infernal. Does he not know the inner working of the lower planes! He is a witch after all. I thought they all got their magic from a pact with a devil or demon. I shall have to study that more in depth later, for now I shall try and distance myself from him. They pick Sava for the exchange, a small price to pay for securing the trust of the tribe. The dagger was sharp, the flesh cut easily. Sava was dead before she even knew what was happening. Of all the “friends” I had gained since I was gang pressed, Sava was my favorite if only because she did as she was told and was quiet about it.As the life slipped before her eyes the choker around her neck flashed red, how peculiar. I wish I had studied it more. After the ritual was over the chief led myself and the others to a sinkhole and explained that it was a temple where they would worship their “deity” and that some people who called themselves heros had destroyed it. While I do not care for their patron I at least would have enough respect to wipe out the people instead of let them wallow in pity. He claimed my trial is to reopen their shrine. That sounds easy enough. Once back in the village we run into what used to be Sava, everyone is bemused. She looks like she had been turned into a Tiefling. Interesting. I wish to study how that was done later. Nebril continues to ask pointless questions about nothing. I need to teach him about the lower planes and the difference between relevant information and just wasting our time with culture. Good help is hard to find.


I love the haughty tone conveyed throughout :)

First Day of My Last Days

I find it intensely amusing that our characters, though they probably have had the most interaction lately, don’t seem to be particularly impressed by or chummy with each other.

First Day of My Last Days
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