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Signs and omens

Day 10

I didn’t have time to make any journal entries since the last. The storm kept us all up and working through the nights. We were exhausted to the brink of collapse by the time the storm abated.

Despite all our efforts, and by rights the ship is lucky to still float, Mr. Plugg was not satisfied and tied half the crew to the mast for lashings, citing poor performance of course. I confess, climbing the tangled rigging of a storm-tossed ship is rather less than a supernatural feat of skill. Though, perhaps of daring. Poor Waku did land with a horrid splat, though a little less awkwardly than I.

Asmos was washed overboard by a chance wave that caught him as the deck dropped suddenly. I was quick enough with the rope since I had been hauling it but I would not have been able to get him back aboard ship without LaLuka’s help.

Owlbear is much more active lately, since Mr. Plugg has been forgetting to chain him up below deck. Gods only know what sick pleasures he pursues instead, though I wager Caulky the cabingirl would just as well. I have scarce seen her at all during the voyage. If our esteemed Captain Harrigan minds sharing his sweets, he doesn’t let it show. Plugg is easy enough to look at. From a distance. The distance that a voice might carry. What a sharp contrast I find between our dear Mr. Plugg and Owlbear whose disheveled appearance and simple manner belie a heart of gold. Truly, adversity breeds mettle.

Stehlen, that sly devil, is certainly getting headway from a certain tartly sprite who is charmed enough to keep a hammock warm after a grueling day’s work. It’s too bad the crew quarters are open enough that we all must bear it as well…

Grok seems to have received an omen from the Spirits of the Deep, following my guidance and blessing of the ship. I instructed her to keep the omen around her neck, as it is a powerful symbol of good luck and a reminder that the spirits are watching always. It seems that she has been given a personal emblem. It is of a woman holding a sword and cup… What an amazing sequence of events, indeed. Now, who could have foretold the change wrought in her outlook in so short a span of time as a tenday?

It will be very interesting to see what develops of her growing connection to the spirit world. I have very little doubt there may yet be discovered further signs and omens in the days ahead, should she violate the spirits’ trust!


Excellent entry! I’ve enjoyed seeing the events of the day from a player’s perspective.

Signs and omens
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