Circles, Covens, and Cooperative Casting

A whole is often more than the sum of its parts; magic is no exception. Magic is a force to be shaped and re-shaped by those who harness the raw energies and give them form. Some of the oldest forms of magic practiced by creatures who, themselves, were not inherently magical, took place in cooperative rituals.

These rituals were costly affairs, requiring time, components, space, and sometimes personal sacrifices to enact, but they enabled the casters to wield power that far out-stripped what a solitary wizard could accomplish.


  • As per the hex/class ability/feat, anyone with the coven ability may use an aid action to grant a +1 to the caster level of another character with the coven ability within 30’.
  • Extended Range: When participating in a circle with other coven casters the maximum distance from the leader is doubled. A coven spellcaster leading a circle extends the maximum range from 30’ to 100’.
  • Shared ability: When participating in a circle, all cantrips, orisons, and hexes known by any member of the coven are available to all members of the coven and may be used as though they were on the class spell list.

Cooperative (circle)

  • Forming a Circle: The formation of a circle is a ritual that takes 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the ritual, the leader of the circle makes a spellcraft check, DC 15, to determine the size of circle he can accommodate. Every point beyond 15 is one additional participant.
  • Join a circle: Joining a circle involves a ritual of preparation that takes 1 minute. At the end of that time the participant determines the spells or spell slots to donate to the spellpool.
  • Re-joining a circle: If a participant moves beyond the maximum range from the leader they lose their connection to the spellpool. After returning to within the maximum range, re-joining the circle is a full round action.
  • Spellpool: A participant may donate a number of spells or spell slots, up to their caster level, to a cooperative spell pool. The number of spell levels in the donated spells are added to the spellpool. Spellcasters within the maximum range (30’) of the cooperative leader may cast any spell donated to the pool using these donated spell levels as though they were a spontaneous spellcaster of their augmented caster level. When a spell is cast from the spellpool the appropriate number of spell levels are removed from the pool. The save DC for all spells cast from a spellpool are charisma-based.
  • Augmented Caster Level: +1 Caster level per participant to a maximum of 1.5x their normal caster level.
  • Spell Augmentation: All metamagic feats known by the participants may be used by any participant. If the alternative metamagic system is used, this extends to each participant’s selected metamagic arts. When casting from the spellpool and applying a metamagic feat, the appropriate number of spell slots are used from the pool.

Ritual Magic

  • The casting time of all spells cast through Ritual Magic are increased by 10.
  • All spells cast through Ritual Magic have a Focus of the ritual to be performed inscribed on a solid object.
  • The spell to be cast through ritual magic need not be known.
  • The caster level may be increased through the use of expensive material components.
    • SL * 500 * (RCL – CL)
    • SL – Spell Level
    • CL – Caster Level
    • RCL – Required Caster Level
  • Rituals performed at special locations, at special times, or under special circumstances may also grant a temporary increase to caster level for certain ritual spells.
  • The cost of a ritual spell may be reduced through blood sacrifice. For every 1d6 damage and 1 Str damage inflicted during the ritual, the cost of the material components is reduced by 500gp.

Circles, Covens, and Cooperative Casting

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