Uncommon Spells

Some spells Nebril knows aren’t very common ones. Here are some quick links to spell descriptions at the SRD:

Air Bubble creates an envelope of breathable air around a creature’s head or object touched (firearms, for example). Lasts 1 minute per caster level.

Blood Money substitutes HP and Str damage for costly Material Components. The spell itself is a Swift Action and always causes 1d6 HP damage. If the spell’s Material Component costs more than 1 gold piece, the Strength damage scales with a ratio of 1Str : 500g.

Beguiling Gift causes an adjacent target to accept and then immediately use / consume the offered item if it fails a Will save. Duration is a single round, after which the subject is free to do with the item as it pleases… if it still can.

Vanish is just like Invisibility but lasts only one round per caster level. Nebril has gained the ability to cast this spell due to his Witch Patron.

Remove Sickness, despite its name, does not actually remove a disease. It does suppress Nausea, Sickened and Disease conditions during its duration (10 minutes per caster level) as well as granting a +4 Morale bonus against such effects.

Nebril uses a modified Witch spell list:

Spells given up, by spell level:

(2) 1. Inflict Light Wounds, Summon Monster I
(10) 2. Summon Monster II, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Boiling Blood, Glitterdust, Summon Swarm, Vomit Swarm, Burning Gaze, Skinsend, Eldritch Conduit, Binding Earth
(6) 3. Summon Monster III, Rain of Frogs, Ash Storm, Lightning Bolt, Vermin Shape I, Strangling Hair
(9) 4. Summon Monster IV, Black Tentacles, Cape of Wasps, Minor Creation, Summon Accuser, Volcanic Storm, Vermin Shape II, Blast Barrier, Inflict Serious Wounds
(7) 5. Summon Monster V, Inflict Critical Wounds, Major Creation, Summon Infernal Host, Ghoul Army, Summoner Conduit, Mark of Justice
(7) 6. Summon Monster VI, Inflict Light (mass), Greater Eldritch Conduit, Cone of Cold, Transformation, Mass Binding Earth, Swarm Skin
(3) 7. Summon Monster VII, Inflict Moderate (mass), Chain Lightning,
(4) 8. Summon Monster VIII, Inflict Serious (mass), Horrid Wilting, Stormbolts
(3) 9. Summon Monster IX, Inflict Critical (mass), Wail of the Banshee

Spells gained, by spell level:

LEVEL 1 spells (2):
Magic Aura, Protection From Evil

LEVEL 2 spells (10):
Minor Image, Disguise Other, Invisibility, Misdirection, Obscure Object, Darkvision, Hidden Knowledge, Darkness, Lesser Restoration, Resist Energy

LEVEL 3 spells (6):
Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere, Nondetection, Deeper Darkness, Blood Biography, Protection From Energy

LEVEL 4 spells (9):
Aura of the Unremarkable, Illusory Wall, Rainbow Pattern, Freedom of Movement, Beast Shape II, Restoration, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Malicious Spite, Life Bubble

LEVEL 5 spells (7):
Mirage Arcana, Persistent Image, Call Lightning Storm, Dream, Nightmare, Apparent Master, Permanency

LEVEL 6 spells (7):
Mislead, Permanent Image, Veil, Shadow Walk, Programmed Image, Contingency, Circle of Death

LEVEL 7 spells (3):
Hungry Darkness, Simulacrum, Greater Restoration

LEVEL 8 spells (4):
Protection From Spells, Screen, Binding, Greater Shadow Evocation

LEVEL 9 spells (3):
Shades, Weird, Wish

Uncommon Spells

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